Over the past 12 years EMS has helped thousands of families learn more about their home, live more comfortably and truly improve the condition of the planet we all share. Here are a few of their stories:

Working with EMS was like having your family come in and do the work for you. They were polite, clean, flexible, and efficient. I highly recommend them.
— Patricia Macaulay, NY
John from Chestnut Ridge, NY said:
”The Assessment was very well done and the information was very informative.
Tom was a good auditor!
May 2019
Bernard from West Nyack, N.Y. said:
”Tom was excellent, he was knowledgeable, respectful and clean.
What more can I say, I was very pleased with his work!”
Home Energy Assessment:
May 2019
Dan from Monroe, N.Y. said:
”Great guys, they came out and explained everything very well.”
Home Energy Assessment: April 2019
Steven from New Rochelle, N.Y. said:
”Everyone we dealt with was competent, polite and efficient. We highly recommend them for their overall professionalism.”
Installation: May 2019
Kathleen from Sloatsburg said:
”EMS was wonderful, the gentlemen were kind and professional.
They did a great job cleaning up,
I give them 100%, they knocked it out of the ballpark.
I am very very pleased!”
Installed: February 2019
According to our records, during heating season last year we used 5.18 gallons of propane per day, while this year it was just 4.55 (despite the fact that this year was much colder than last year). But, the price of propane has gone up from an average of $2.83/gallon last year to $3.53 this year. I don’t like to think what those bills would have been if we hadn’t done the weatherization.
— Helme, NY
Douglas from New Hempstead, NY said:
“If you want really good work done on your home:
Call EMS at (845) 357-1771”
Installed: December 7th-8th 2017
Petrona from Mt. Vernon, NY said:
“They were very professional and they did a great job”
Installed: October 10th 2017
Roshell from Middletown, NY. said:
”The guys were marvelous!”
Installed: October 2017
Luis from Bloomingburg, NY. said:
”Professional and Excellent work!”
Installed: October 9th-10th 2017
Smitha from New City, NY said:
“The work is great and the workers were very efficient and did what was best for the homeowner and the home”.
Installed: October 2nd-5th 2017
Anne from Scarsdale, NY said:
”They were friendly and thorough and the instalI was very efficient”
Installed: September 26th-29th 2017.

Eileen from Suffern, NY said:
”EMS evaluated and finished the job efficiently.
They were knowledgable, courteous and easy to work with.”
Installed June & July 2017
Harvey from Spring Valley, NY said:
”The work was good and the guys were very nice and worked clean”
Installed: July 21st-25th 2017”
Jane from Pearl River, NY said:
”They listen to their customer’s needs, find a solution in their budget and complete the job in an efficient and timely manner!”
Installed: July 17th-18th 2017

Allison from Middletown, NY said:
”The crew was very nice, clean and respectable.”
Installed July 3rd-7th 2017
Lilleith from The Bronx said:
”The staff at Energy Management Solutions was truly amazing. They delivered as promised, I am satisfied and I can already feel the benefit of the work!”
Installed: June 15th-16th 2017.
Francisco from Harriman, NY said:
“They were very professional, on time and very thorough. This was a good experience!”
Installed: June 12th-13th 2017
I didn’t know anything about the programs available to me, EMS made finding the programs and grants very consumer friendly by handling the paperwork and helped me through the process. Even after I was rejected, EMS still kept processing new paperwork and because of their due diligence I got my grant and my home now has more value and I feel more comfortable everyday.
— Roderick Rooney, Spring Valley NY
Larry from Middletown, NY said:
“They were very helpful, the process was quick and there was no mess left afterwards. I am happy!”
Installed: Jun 8–9th, 2017.
Gloria from Tappan, NY said:
“I am very pleased with the service and the outcome.
And they have a wonderful staff!”
Installed: May 5th-12th 2017
Stanley from Monroe, NY said:
”We thank you for a wonderful job, we can trust you, we can work with you, EMS you are a good team!”
Installed: April 14th 2017
Stephanie from Yonkers, NY said:
”Crew arrived on time and got right to work. Even worked through lunch! Chris told me exactly what would be taking place and we even did a walk through at the end. Very pleased.”
Joanne from Suffern, NY said:
”All of the workers and all of the people we met in this company were wonderful and the work was great!”
Installed: April 3rd-4th 2017.
Kathlene from Pearl River said:
”The work went smoothly, the crew was great and we are very happy with the results!”
Installed: March 07-09th 2017.
Dorothy from Pearl River, NY said:
”I’m glad my neighbor told me about EMS, the workers were wonderful and we are really happy with the work”.
Installed: March 13-18th 2017.

Arthur from Pearl River, NY said:
Tyler completed two visits, and rectified all issues that I had. I was happy with the crew on all levels. I have no questions/concerns to date. I’m a very happy customer. EMS did a great job!
James from Nanuet, NY said:
”Definitely worthwhile doing, it’s making a big difference in my house.”
Installed: February 20-28th 2017.
Catherine from Garnerville said:
”I feel that having EMS do the work was a plus for my house, and I was pleased with having it done.”
Installed: February 22-23rd 2017.
William from Nyack, NY. said:
”Professional and very polite individuals. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Chris, Keith and the rest of the team were terrific!”
Anissa said:
New to homeownership, we were hesitant at putting a large sum of money down for home repairs that wouldn’t necessarily be visible to our eyes... but, hopefully would be visible to a decreased Gas/Electric/Water bill.
EMS came in, and did an outstanding job at sealing our house. And yes, our bills decreased in usage!
The true proof of their business practice happened after the fact, however. AFTER paying them in full, EMS still returned two times to our house for minor touch-ups, or for a promised roof inspection that was not doable earlier in the year. Very impressed, and would recommend them to our friends and family!!
Matthew said:
Incredible work done at a great price.
Delano from Warwick, NY. said:
”I appreciated the fine work that your company performed in my town house condo. It helped with the drafts that my wife and I were experiencing. Thanks!
Joseph said:
I converted to 100% LED lighting in my printing shop in mid-November 2017. I was very pleased with all aspects of the conversion and with the resulting brilliant new lighting throughout. The installation was painless for us as the 2 EMS guys (Mark Graham and a cheerful other fellow whose name I cannot now recollect) were super efficient, moving from fixture to fixture with great speed and cleaning up after themselves as they went along. They converted 15 fixtures in one day and did not interfere in any way with the conduct of our regular shop activities. Greatly appreciate their good work.
Ginee said:
Energy Management Solutions was a great company to work with. They were all very professional and reasonably priced. There was an immediate drop in my bills after the work was completed!
JoAnn from New City, NY. said:
Just a note to tell you how great Tom was - he crawled in every hidden spot in my home, where no one had gone for years, he checked every window and every spot I had “patched up with socks”, and did quite a thorough inspection along with his sweet nature - even explaining everything to me.
Robert said:
We were fairly new to home ownership and thankful that EMS took their time explaining the intricacies of my home and really walked us through the entire process. Jason and the EMS team were incredibly professional, we are very grateful!
Norman said:
T Square Properties employed Energy Management Solutions to reduce the energy costs of one of the properties we manage.
The EMS team made an excellent survey and then followed up with changing our lighting system to LEDs. They were resourceful in the installation and we enjoy the cost savings.
Ranjan said:
Jason and his team are nothing short of phenomenal. We needed some urgent spray foam before the contractors put up the drywall or else our project would have been significantly delayed, and costing us $. EMS did a thorough and timely job. EMS was recommended to us and we haven’t stopped recommending them to everyone we know.
Silvio’s Restaurant said:
Very professional and reliable. Would highly recommend having them evaluate your usage and show you how much you can save.
Quick and easy install!
Adam said:
We had EMS come in and re-insulate our attic and sealed all our drafts throughout our house. Not only is our house draft free, but we also have seen a significant reduction in our monthly gas and electric bill.

In the winter our house retains the heat more than it ever has and in the summer the air conditioning unit is not used nearly as much. Not only did they identify all of our areas that needed improvements, they also saw that our vent to our bathroom was not venting out of the house.
The staff was beyond professional and we felt comfortable with them working in our home.
I highly recommend them if you feel any drafts in your house or just want to upgrade to a more efficient home.
Helene from Hartsdale, N.Y. said:
”Jeff was very nice and very thorough. We appreciate the information he shared with us about our Home Assessment”
Joanne from Monroe, N.Y. said:
“Tom and Jeff did a great job with our assessment. They showed us how much energy we were losing and it was eye opening.
I look forward to having work done to remedy the problem!”
Bob from Glen Rock, N.J. said:
”A Knowledgeable and informed rep came and gave us a whole house energy assessment. Tom was a pleasure to deal with.”